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"Autumn Solo" at Edgewater Gallery, Middlebury, VT

Studio Sneak Peek, some behind the scenes inspiration for "Autumn Solo", October, 2020. Walking on the beach, especially on colder days in New England, I am always amazed by how our tiny shorebirds can survive and thrive. Their busy bodies always in motion, rushing in and out of the frigid shallows with each oncoming and receding wave. I hope the viewer of these paintings will hear the crashing surf, enjoy the delicate motion of the birds, and smell the salty Atlantic air.

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How to paint a whale

15 second video of the painting of a singing humpback whale.
(54" x 54") oil on canvas, and here he is, singing in his new home.
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Embracing Change

Insights from Ellen Welch Granter, by Trisha Winslow
When an artist opens her email with "what a long strange trip it's been" you know she has been to her fair share of Grateful Dead shows…more

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Studio Sneak Peeks

Behind the scenes, inspiration and sketches for the buoys and birds

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Watershed Magazine Cover

Life in Northumberland, Prince Edward County, and Quinte
Watershed Magazine chose "Trio" to grace the cover of their Summer 2019 issue. Growing up on Lake Ontario, it's nice to share some summer joys with our Canadian neighbors.

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Women's History Month: A Look at Our Women Artist Members

Copley Society of Art blog by Jacqueline Gertner

"In honor of Women’s History Month, today we will be looking at some of the influential women in Co|So’s history, as well as some of our distinguished women artist members. With a significant number of women artist members, including Copley Artists and Copley Masters, we are grateful to the women artists who continue to support the gallery and make incredible works of art." more…

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Ellen Granter on Sailing, a Love-Hate Relationship

Maine Art Painting and Sculpture blog, by Trisha Winslow

"I began painting boats recently because I love the way they evoke a sense of peace and calmness" says Granter. "However, some of my fondest childhood memories of the sailing world were not on the water, nor were they calm and peaceful." more…

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Three Views of Maine

Maine Art Painting and Sculpture blog, by Trisha Winslow

When your business is called Maine Art, people come looking for images captured not only in the spirit of Maine but often times in the places of Maine. The three artists currently featured at Maine Art Shows do jus that more…

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Vermont Art Guide

A devout birdwatcher, over the years, Ellen Welch Granter has developed a brilliant body of paintings with birds as their subject. Her paintings, on the surface, read as straightforward, representational renderings of birds, but on closer inspection, they are deeply poetic paintings, more…

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New England Home

"Feathering the Empty Nest" by Debra Judge Silver, September—October 2016 issue. It's lovely when the "feathering" includes a painting of birds, oil on gold leaf, entitled "Jewelry No. 10".
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On Begin and End

Maine Art Painting and Sculpture blog, by Trisha Winslow

“I’m off to go birding.”
This is how Ellen Welch Granter ends most of her correspondence.  Each time, we never know if she is heading outdoors with binoculars or to her studio with a brush.  Regardless, Ellen spends a great deal of her time with her birds. more….

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First Lives

Maine Art Painting and Sculpture blog

Ellen Welch Granter has been with Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture for over ten years.  Her love of nature and wildlife, especially the winged ones, is well known in the Maine art community.  Her work is peaceful and warm and welcomes the viewer in with open arms. Yet, her life did not start at an easel. more…

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Everybody Likes Birds

by Ric Kasini Kadour, Show Catalog, Maine Art Shows, 2015

Last year marked two important anniversaries related to birds. A hundred years have passed since the passenger pigeon, that once was so numerous flocks of them blackened American skies for days, became extinct. Fifty years have passed since Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Wilderness Act of 1964 into law. In addition to protecting over 110 million acres of land, over the years, the law has made sure birds had places to nest and breed. more….

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Book Cover Art

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Ellen's painting “Two and One” is featured on the cover of The Help. It is Kathryn Stockett’s debut novel, published by Amy Einhorn Press, with over 100 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list, over 11 million copies sold, and published in over 35 countries in 3 languages, including Chinese.

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Traditional Home Magazine

Flavors of the Heart, by Krissa Rosebund, "A young family renovates a Boston-area Georgian Colonial, making it a feast for the eyes with gracious antiques and artwork."
download pdf

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Interview on Lynette Haggard's Blogspot

Long-time friend and fellow artist Lynette Haggard interviews Ellen, (as well as many other interesting and inspiring artists from around Boston and around the world.)
read the full interview…

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A Bird is Never Just a Bird

by Ric Kasini Kadour, Show Catalog, © Maine Art Shows, 2012

To examine the bird as the subject of art is to traipse through nearly every aspect of culture. When mankind first started making art, he drew birds on the walls of caves. For much of art history, a bird was never just a bird. It was a symbol or a metaphor more…

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Even and Cool

by Leann Davis Alspaugh, Show Catalog, Maine Art Shows, 2010

Just inside the front door of Ellen Granter’s studio hangs a small round painting, a classic Chinese image of a brown and white bird sitting on a knotty branch with pink flowers. Ellen, an avid birdwatcher, isn’t even sure what kind of bird it is. What’s important about this painting, more…

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For Maine Lovers

January 2014 Art Collector Maine featured Ellen's painting "Gold Ocean #19" on the cover. Art Collector Maine's annual book promotes a collection of contemporary Maine (or in this case Maine-loving) artists.

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American Art Collector

Tailoring a Collection, by Lauren P. Della Monica
December, 2006

How the Oyster Harbors Club built a contemporary collection of art that reflects the history, the area, and the people of Cape Cod.
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